Dear vacationers, please note that the Neon aquatic center will be closed from April 01, 2019 to April 10, 2019 due to equipment maintenance.

Aquatic Center - includes a swimming pool with lighting, hydromassage and children's areas, an office for massage and facial cosmetics, a bath complex and a lobby bar. Telephone: 8-01641-68-463, + 375-29-500-48-06. To visit the pool with you must have: swimwear, removable shoes, cap (MANDATORY), soap supplies, towels.


Pool. The swimming pool with the “Umbrella” waterfall, bottom geysers, a backflow system, the total water surface area is 160 square meters, the maximum depth is 1.4 meters, and three lanes of 20 meters each. The water temperature in the pool is 29-30 degrees Celsius.

The “Umbrella” Waterfall is a small fountain that, due to special technical means, creates smoothly falling jets of water of a fungoid form of a living waterfall. Bottom geysers are a subsea installation and are mounted directly in the bottom of the bowl. Air bubbles are pulled out of the geyser, forming a powerful seething. Through the use of a geyser, the water in the pool is enriched with oxygen, which contributes to the prolongation of the vital activity of the cells and tissues of the human body.

Replacing oxygen deprivation and enriching the body with organic substances eliminates poor health, fatigue, insomnia and chronic fatigue.